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The British Teilhard Association promotes the work and vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - a vision of love, of fire, of convergence, of a world in evolution energised by spirit, a vision of dynamism and direction - of a universe in movement towards its ultimate consummation or completion in a 'universal cosmic centre' or 'centre of centres'.

  • Where are we heading?  
  • What is the meaning of life?

Teilhard gives answers to these questions based on deep thought, reflection and mystical insight.

Are you on a quest that makes sense in our world - a world of change, a cosmos in evolution? If you are, this is the site for you - click here

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Retreat with the Mystics - Spirituality and Ecology: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry
Led by Prof Ursula King
Meditatio Centre, St Marks, Myddelton Square, London EC1R 1XX
From 10:30am to 4pm
This retreat day will be concerned with the deep connections between ecology and spirituality as perceived by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry. Both men developed a new consciousness of the Earth and its people and asked how a new Earth consciousness is connected to the emergence of a new Earth community.
They also asked what “road” we have to choose and what “great work” we need to engage in for this new world to arise. It is hoped that their ecological spirituality and eco-theology of love will enable participants to share in the deeper way of “seeing” – a new approach that redirects our vision and deepens our awareness of the intimate presence of the Divine throughout creation.
It has enormous potential for dynamizing our energies, increasing our power to love and our reverence for the mystery of life.

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Ursula King is Professor Emerita of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol. Educated in Germany, France, India and England, she lectures all over the world. Her publications include Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (2015), Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions and many others. Her 1996 Oxford Bampton lectures have just been republished: Christ in All Things. Exploring Spirituality with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (2016).

'Ecology, Science and Spirituality - Friends or Enemies? Building on the legacy of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Alister Hardy’
A joint conference with the Alister Hardy Trust at the Essex Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, London. 
The programme will comprise:
   "Deep Ecology and Theistic Evolution"
Professor Keith Ward will refer to the work of Alister Hardy and Arne Naess, and explore the prospects for discovering a spiritual side to evolution, the suspicion between Deep Ecology and traditional Christianity, and the move towards a less divisive view.
   "A Greater Love for the Earth and All Its People: Ecology and Spirituality in Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry"
Professor Ursula King will speak about the themes of ecology and spirituality in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry.
What “Great Work” is required for the further social, cultural and spiritual evolution of humanity and a sustainable future for all life on Earth? And how far does this require a greater evolution of the transformative powers of love?

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(The conference will be followed by the 2017 AGM of the British Teilhard Association.)


A Green Christian Gathering - Learning to Live in Earth as our Common Home: Teilhard de Chardin and ecological living as spiritual life.
at Ringsfield Hall, Suffolk. Click here for details.
 The BTA is sponsoring this Teilhard retreat with the Green Christian organisation (formerly Christian Ecology Link).

Visitors may be interested in a petition to have Teilhard de Chardin declared a Doctor of the Church. The petition originated with members of the Teilhard-inspired Cosmos and Creation conferences at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Please feel free to circulate the link to anyone you think would support this effort.

The charming story of what happened when a teenage girl bumped into the great Teilhard de Chardin in New York. Click here

Christianity in Evolution: An Exploration
by Jack Mahoney
Bolder than Teilhard? Click here

NEW - An article by John Farrell for Forbes magazine about Teilhard and Fr. Georges Lemaître, who invented the theory of the Big Bang

LINK - Teilhard on YouTube



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