Recommended Books

Teilhard’s Mass: Approaches to “The Mass on the World” by Thomas King S.J., Paulist Press 2005. The Mass on the World is one of Teilhard’s most famous and inspirational essays.

From Teilhard to Omega: Co-creating an Unfinished Universe, essays edited by Ilia Delio, Orbis 2014. “Thirteen scholars ‘take off’ from where Teilhard de Chardin ‘left off’.

God’s Biologist – A Life of Alister Hardy by David Hay. The BTA has on several occasions organised joint conferences with the Alister Hardy Trust, as both Hardy and Teilhard were outstanding scientists with an intense interest in religion – Hardy founded the Religious Experience Research Centre at Oxford University. It is currently based at the University of Wales.

Teilhard in the 21st Century, essays by various authors, Orbis Books 2003 – “Thomas Berry offers reflections on Teilhard and ecology. Brian Swimme explores unsuspected depths of natural selection and its meaning for our age. Articles by Ursula King, Donald Gray, and Thomas King offer insights into Teilhard’s friendships with women, the way in which he strove to articulate the unity of knowledge, and his ever-deepening creation spirituality. A brief biography by John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker explores the key moments of Teilhard’s development and offers new readers a superb entrée into his life and thought. Other authors include William Rees, Arthur Fabel, John Haught, Eulalio Balthasar, Eleanor Rae, and Joseph Grau.” Click here

The Heart of Matter by Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard’s books and and essays were not published in chronological order, which makes studying the evolution of his thought difficult. However there is a Chronological List of Works</em >at the back of The Heart of Matter, Collins 1978, a book which is in any case required reading for anyone interested in Teilhard. Click here

Christianity in Evolution: An Exploration by Jack Mahoney. Bolder than Teilhard? Click here

Conscious Energy by Joe Provenzano, Authors Guild Backinprint, 1993, 2000. How the history of philosophy culminated in the work of Teilhard de Chardin. Click here

Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University Press – click here

There is also a companion Journey of the Universe DVD.

See also Living Cosmology – Christian responses to Journey of the Universe, Orbis Books 2016. Essays, mainly by academics, including four on Teilhard de Chardin. Click here

You might also try Transhumanism and Teilhard de Chardin by Jean-Louis Schlegel. “Transhumanism borrows from the work of jesuit and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1885-1955) by neglecting his cosmological depth and his faith…” Click here

MARCH 2017: the Fondation Teilhard de Chardin in Paris has a number of Teilhard books in English for sale. Several are not easy to find today. The following pdf file lists those available:
Fondation books for sale
If you would like to know more please email