The British Teilhard Association

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The British Teilhard Association

The British Teilhard Association was founded in 1963 to promote knowledge and understanding of the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It is a non-sectarian educational society which helps people from all walks of life to meet together to study and build on the evolutionary ideas Teilhard developed.

The Association organises conferences, lectures and workshops, and supports attendance of students at these events. It is affiliated to the Fondation Teilhard in Paris and is a founder member of the European Teilhard de Chardin Centre.

Questions facing the Association are: how might Teilhard's vision be conveyed in such a way that, whilst remaining faithful to its Christian roots, it can be recognised and attractive to people of other persuasions, and to those who don't subscribe to any religion? How might the language and idiom of Teilhard's writings be transmitted in language recognisable and acceptable in other cultures? This is a challenge to those who feel the mystical truth in Teilhard's writings.



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