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MARCH 2017: the Fondation Teilhard de Chardin in Paris has a number of Teilhard books in English for sale. Several are not easy to find today. The following pdf file lists those available:-
Fondation books for sale    If you would like to know more please email

19 JANUARY 2017: Yale University offers online courses based on the book & dvd Journey of the Universe. For more information click

31 DECEMBER 2016: two posts from The Teilhard Project - 1. New Year Wishes 2. A wreath on Teilhard's grave

13 DECEMBER 2016:  Conference: 'The Theology of Evolution — Convergent, Contingent or Directed?'

The conference, sponsored by the BTA, took place in Martin Hall, New College, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
The speakers were Prof Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge), Dr Michael Burdett (Oxford), Dr Bethany Sollereder (Oxford), Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker (Birmingham) and Dr Conor Cunningham (Nottingham). The respondents included Dr David Lewin (Strathclyde), a longstanding BTA supporter.

Some 65 people attended the conference, which was judged a great success.
For more details see Past Events.

29 SEPTEMBER 2016: The claim that Teilhard was involved with the notorious Piltdown Hoax will not go away...

14 MAY 2016: The Annual Meeting of the American Teilhard Association in New York was attended by more than 225 people. 

25 APRIL 2016: Would you Adam and Eve it? "More than 1200 men from 26 populations around the world descend from a single man who lived approximately 190,000 years ago..."

Renee-Marie Croose Parry (1922 - 2015); Obituary

We were sorry to record the death of Renee-Marie Croose Parry, Co-Founder of The Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Association of Great Britain and Ireland in 1966, who died on 11 May 2015 at the age of 93.

Born in Bavaria to Margot and Wilhelm Hausenstein, in 1962 she married an English economist and businessman, Kenneth Croose Parry, and for 23 years they lived in London where they co-founded not only the Teilhard Association but three other voluntary groups: the ad hoc committee of People for a Non-Nuclear World (1976-78); the Centre for the Advancement of Human Cooperation (1984-) and the Parliamentary Liaison Group for Alternative Energy Strategies, later The Alternative Energy Group (1978-).

In a personal tribute Bronwen Astor, who knew Renee-Marie and Kenneth well, expresses the sentiments of all Teilhardians when she says, "We all owe a great debt to Renee-Marie. Her tremendous energy and unfailing sense of humour combined with intellectual and personal gifts of memory and rigour attracted many eminent scientists, philosophers and theologians and set the Teilhard Centre on a firm footing in its first twenty years."

Alison Williams.

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