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Past Events: British Teilhard Association 

A Green Christian Gathering - “Learning to Live in Earth as our Common Home: Teilhard de Chardin and ecological living as spiritual life.”
At Ringsfield Hall, Suffolk. 
The BTA sponsored this Teilhard retreat with the Green Christian organisation (formerly Christian Ecology Link).



'Ecology, Science and Spirituality - Friends or Enemies? Building on the legacy of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Alister Hardy’
A joint conference with the Alister Hardy Trust at the Essex Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, London. 

The programme comprised:
    "Deep Ecology and Theistic Evolution"
Professor Keith Ward referred to the work of Alister Hardy and Arne Naess, and explored the prospects for discovering a spiritual side to evolution, the suspicion between Deep Ecology and traditional Christianity, and the move towards a less divisive view.

    "A Greater Love for the Earth and All Its People: Ecology and Spirituality in Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry"
Professor Ursula King spoke about the themes of ecology and spirituality in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry.
What “Great Work” is required for the further social, cultural and spiritual evolution of humanity and a sustainable future for all life on Earth? And how far does this require a greater evolution of the transformative powers of love?

39 people attended the conference, which included lively comments and questions from the audience.


"Retreat with the Mystics - Spirituality and Ecology: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry"
Led by Prof Ursula King
Meditatio Centre, St Marks, Myddelton Square, London EC1R 1XX


11am to 4pm - 114 Mount Street London W1K 3AH


Edinburgh University - Conference: 'The Theology of Evolution — Convergent, Contingent or Directed?'
Tuesday 13 December 2016
The conference, sponsored by the BTA, took place in Martin Hall, New College, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
The speakers were Prof Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge), Dr Michael Burdett (Oxford), Dr Bethany Sollereder (Oxford), and Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker (Birmingham). The respondents included Dr David Lewin (Strathclyde), a longstanding BTA supporter.

This was a 1-day conference to encourage critical engagement with Teilhard’s evolutionary theology. It included presentations, respondents and discussion.
1.       to bring together key researchers with expertise on Teilhard and on evolutionary theory;
2.       to extend critical understanding of Teilhard’s evolutionary theology;
3.       to engage other theologians and scientists, especially those working at the University of Edinburgh;
4.       to engage postgraduate students on the Science and Religion MSc programme and Ph.D. students;
5.       to engage the wider public in the city of Edinburgh and surrounding region.

Some 65 people attended the conference, which was judged a great success.




Edinburgh University - Wednesday 7 December 2016 - Material Eucharist

Dr. David Grumett, a leading Teilhard specialist and a member of the BTA, held an event about his new book Material Eucharist. To see more about the book, including the Contents page, click here. There is much of interest to Teilhard students in this book.



Events: Saturday 8th June 2013- 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Spirituality for a World in Crisis: Working towards a Spiritual Alliance
 "Can we come together to find co-creative ways forward?  Existing institutions are not rising to the challenges we face in today’s world. So an emerging alliance of spiritual and religious groupings is coming together to explore what each might contribute to a coherent vision and set of actions for the future."
Participating organisations:  
Alister Hardy Society for the Study of Spiritual Experience
Anthroposophical Movement
British Teilhard Association
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Churches Fellowship for Psychical & Spiritual Studies,
International Association for Religious Freedom, British Chapter
Scientific & Medical Network
Society for Psychical Research
The Study Society
Key Speakers:  Dr. Greg Barker and David Lorimer
Venue:  The Essex Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, London, W8 4RT.
Contact:  Marianne Rankin Tel: 01`684 772417 or 07714 032643 or e-mail: 




British Teilhard Association - Day retreat led by David Grumett

Encountering the Risen Christ in the World: Easter Meditations with Teilhard de Chardin

Saturday 12 May 2012

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Venue: Benedictine Spirituality Centre, Cockfosters



British Teilhard Association, St. Francis of Assisi and Francois Cheng
Date:  September 29 to October 20, 2011
Venue: the Mairie and at the Lycee Teilhard de Chardin, at St. Maur des Fosses (94), France.

Theme:  Building the Earth Together

The three towering figures, St. Francis of Assisi, Teilhard de Chardin and Francois Cheng, invite us to research the theme of the relation of man to nature.
Centre Europeen Teilhard




Celebration in Hastings 25th-26th August 2011Celebrating the Centenary of Teilhard de Chardin's Ordination in Hastings, August 1911

Thursday 25th August 2011

10.30 am Welcome and Introductions;

11.00 am Talk by David Grumett, Teilhard the Priest;

12.00 pm Catholic Mass incorporating Teilhard’s Mass on the World;

1.00 pm Buffet lunch with wine - provided free by the BTA;

2.00 pm Talk by Prof Ursula King, A Vision Transformed: Teilhard de Chardin’s Evolutionary Awakening at Hastings;

3.30 pm Visit to Old Town Museum - to see a selection of the Teilhard fossils, or to visit Ore Place (Exhibition open from Tuesday 23rd to Tuesday 30th August];

5.00 pm Finish.

Venue: St Mary Star of the Sea, 1 High Street, Hastings, TH34 3EY.

Friday 26th August 2011

10.15 am Welcome and Introductions;

10 30 am Seminar: Newman's influence on Teilhard - with Gerard Donnadieu and Nicole Timbal of the French Teilhard Association;

12.30 pm Finish.

Venue: Magnet Conference Centre, 1 Christchurch Courtyard, London Road, St. Leanards on Sea, TN37 6GL

Event FREE:

All are welcome, at either or both events which are free. It would help to know likely numbers. For further information and booking, contact: Revd Canon Alan Nugent, The Subdeanery, 18 Minster Yard, Lincoln, LN2 1PX. e-mail:



Assisi International Colloquium on Teilhard de Chardin
Insieme costruiamo la terra nella pace e nell’amore

Meals are served based on fixed menus, natural water included; wine and drinks excluded
Hotel room, including small breakfast: € 40 for single room and € 30 for double room
HB: € 55 for single room and € 45 for double/triple room;
FB: € 65 for single room and € 55 for double/triple room;

Accommodation: at Pro Civitate Christiana needs to be booked directly from attendees to ospitalità telephone number: 075/813231

Participation Fee for Meetings € 35 per person, to be paid to the Teilhard de Chardin Italian Association – Corso Svizzera 29 – Turin - Italy

Theme: Francis of Assisi and Teilhard de Chardin: a great love for Life, for Nature, for Man and for the Spirit of God.

Thursday 14 October – Sunday 17 October 2010

For details of programme (in Italian) click on link below:

[Programme - translation]

FRIDAY 15 October - 9.00 am
1. Greetings from Annamaria Tassone, President of the Teilhard Association of Italy.
2. A welcome to the conference “Building the World”: why Assisi 2010? - by Remo Vescia, President of the European Teilhard Centre (CET).
3. Greetings from His Excellency the Bishop of Assisi.
4. Teilhard's eschatology speaks to us of our own hopes, and those of humanity – by His Excellency the Bishop of Mondovi (Italy).
5. St. Francis today – by Father Orlando Todisco ofm (Italy)
FRIDAY 15 October – 3.00 pm
Evolution and the Future
1. From the big-bang to the emergence of life – Thierry Magnin (France)
2. Evolution as a natural process and as a rational process - Gianluigi Nicola (Italy)
3. Consciousness as the driving force of the biosphere – Father Henry Madelin (France)
4. From the biosphere to the noosphere and byond – Silvana Procacci (Italy)
SATURDAY 16 October – 9.00 am
Man and the World
1. Francis and Teilhard: The meeting of mysticism and ecology –
Annamaria TassoneBernardi,
2. Re-evaluation of the works of St. Paul and Teilhard de Chardin -
Luciano Benono Mazzoni, Vice-President of Italian Teilhard Association.
3. Universialism and Liberty – Canon Alan Nugent (Great Britain)
4. The echo of Teilhard in the ethical sphere of a pluralistic society -
Michel Renaud, Vice-President of the Portuguese Association
SATURDAY afternoon – 3.00 pm
The Spiritualisation of the Universe according to Teilhard
1. The material and the spiritual, or the fabric of the Universe -
Father Gustave Martelet (France)
2. The spirituality of consciousness – Mons.Carlo Molari (Italy)
3. Teilhard, prophet of the third millenium – Mons.Andre Dupleix (France)
Conclusion of the conference– Remo Vescia, with the special participation of Francois Cheng.
SUNDAY 17 October
Morning: Mass in the Basilica of St. Francis
Afternoon: A tour of Assisi and its surroundings.
The two evenings will be enlivened by a concert of medieval music and films on Franciscan themes.


British Teilhard Association / Alister Hardy Society One day Conference

Theme: Future of Humanity: A Cosmological Vision

Saturday 24th April 2010

Speakers: Prof. Ursula King,The Future Evolution of Humanity on Earth: A Gigiantic Task, a Dream or a Nightmare?; Dr. Christopher Knight, Evolution and Spiritual Experience - an Eastern Perspective; Prof. Bernard Carr, Cosmos, Creation and the Culmination of Consciousness.



28th International Teilhard Conference

Theme: Teilhard and the Politics of Globalisation

Venue: All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney, Nr St. Albans

Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May 2009


Professor Wayne Parsons
Rosemary Cattell
Canon Alan Nugent
Dr. David Grumett
Valintin Gerlier


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