27 January 2018 – National Catholic Reporter – Time to rehabilitate Teilhard de Chardin? By Heidi Schlumpf
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28 December 2017 – America Magazine – A Catholic Media Trinity: Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong and Andy Warhol
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23 October 2017 – “We must stop undervaluing community – nobody develops alone” – an article by Bitange Ndemo, which includes thoughts on Teilhard’s relevance for Africa today. Click here

What would Teilhard say? Evolve or be annihilated. An article by Ilia Delio for Global Sisters Repor (a project of National Catholic Reporter). Click here

An article about Teilhard’s grave at Poughkeepsie. Click here

An article by John Farrell for Forbes magazine about Teilhard and Fr. Georges Lemaître, who invented the theory of the Big Bang. Click here

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