Alban Books
Alban Books are the specialist U.K. distributors of American books on Teilhard.
Entering ‘Teilhard’ into the Search facility on the right-hand side of the home page gives a good number of recently published books on Teilhard.

Teilhard books available on the Internet

The Internet Archive (, a site providing free public access to digitized titles, may be of special interest to Teilhard scholars. This non-profit’s Ebook and Texts Archive collection contains twenty-some digitized works by Teilhard, including full text versions of The Phenomenon of Man and The Divine Milieu.

Like many of the site’s nearly three million books, these and other titles by or about Teilhard can be viewed, searched, or downloaded in a variety of formats including PDF, EPUB, Kindle, and Full Text, or they can be read and searched simply on the Internet Archive website. Once there, people can enter a word or phrase and see where it appears and how Teilhard uses it in these different works.

To access the full list of texts pertinent to Teilhard, enter “Teilhard de Chardin” in the Internet Archive “Search” box.

Teilhard on YouTube

Various videos about Teilhard are available on YouTube – Teilhard on YouTube

Library Collections

1) The Magnet Library, formerly at St. Leonards-on-Sea, contains a substantial collection of Teilhard books. This theological library was open to the public until 31 October 2016 and is now available at St. Augustine’s College of Theology in Kent, England. Please phone first.

2) A comprehensive list of all the Teilhard library resources in the UK: a PDF file: Library Books PDF

The BTA Newsletter

Back issues of the Newsletter (1996 – 2011) can be downloaded from this web site by clicking here.