TEILHARD’S MISSING “SIX PROPOSITIONS” FOUND! AND REVEALED…  In 1925 the controversial Jesuit priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was ordered to assent to Six Propositions. They included strictly conservative teachings on Original Sin, and on Adam and Eve. Until now the content was unknown but it was made public for the first time at the Six Propositions Day conference held on Thursday 22 February 2018 at the School of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh. The surrounding issues were presented with interpretation and discussion, led by Dr. David Grumett, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Divinity, who organised the conference and gave a presentation which put the subject of Teilhard and the Six Propositions in a wider context.

The day included a staged reading of Inquisition, a new play by Paul Bentley which dramatizes Teilhard’s dilemma when faced with the Six Propositions: forced to believe in either the Bible or science. (It was Paul Bentley who discovered the long-lost Six Propositions document in Rome – he was the first person to see them since 1925.) The actors were: James Stewart as Teilhard de Chardin, Romana Abercomby as Ida Treat, and Steven Wren as a Jesuit priest and then Joseph, a caretaker.

There were some 60 people in the audience, including older people who knew a lot about Teilhard, and young students who knew little or nothing. 60 was about the right size for the room in question. The audience response was warm, and comments on the play included, , “it was obviously a labour of love”, “it is as entertaining as it is informative”, “it was so powerful”, and “it was as if Teilhard was there with us”. Two students made a point of thanking and congratulating Paul Bentley personally afterwards, which was particularly gratifying as he particularly wants young people to become interested in and inspired by Teilhard.

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The Six Propositions will be published on this website in due course.

The conference was sponsored by the (former) British Teilhard Association and by the University of Edinburgh.

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